YES Heating Technix Co.,Ltd. Corporation's corporate research institute established a research and development department in 2015 and is growing with a number of patents aimed at enhancing the best technology to meet the rapidly changing technology development at home and abroad. To implement optimal products for the flagship Heating Jacket & Heating Controller, we continue to learn and educate, have various test equipment and facilities to satisfy customers' needs, and we will do our best to improve the best products and quality for companies and customers through expertise and years of experience.

R&D on materials

º Selection of optimal materials through research on new materials development
º Quality improvement through tests on various materials

Heating Unity research

º Differentiation of H/J efficient heating wire pattern technology
º The temperature of the standard standard optimized heating wire distribution

Customized product development research

º Satisfaction of customer needs through the application of optimal design and analysis techniques
º Leading R&D innovation through 3D simulation

Certification & patent

YES Heating Technix Co., Ltd. is doing its best to realize the management system through related certification and to respond and strengthen the competitiveness of the changing market with continuous technology patent applications in accordance with management principles that value safety, health, and best quality.


YES Heating Technix Co., Ltd. is a heating jacket company that pursues customer satisfaction and develops and produces products that can be applied to various field

Silicone Coated Glass Fiber

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PTFE Coated Glass Fiber

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PTFE 100% Coated Glass Fiber

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Silicone Rubber Heater

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Heater Jacket Controller

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Fixed PM exhaust machine

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Moving type PM exhaust machine(HEPA)

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Moving type PM exhaust machine(CHERMICAL)

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Quality system

Establish and implement specific implementation policies for development, design, manufacturing quality, price, delivery date, and service for jackets and temperature controllers and piping parts for semiconductor manufacturing facilities.

1. Strengthen the quality of the entire process

2. Realize customer satisfaction that meets customer needs and expectations


YES Heating Technix Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in producing HEATER JACKETS, Controller, and promises to become a company with high satisfaction with the needs by providing the highest quality services to customers and self-realization to employees through transparent management.

YES Heating Technix
CEO Go Tae-yeol
Establishment January 13, 2010
Business Semiconductor/Display parts equipment
Capital 600 million won
Head count 102

- 2012.01 registered as a corporate business operator

- 2015.02 Establishment of a research institute

- 2015.09 ISO 9001, ISO 14001

- 2016.02 CE certification/Certification of venture company

- 2017.06 Certification of an excellent job company

- INNO-BIZ, MAIN BIZ/(주)시나텍 Acquired venture business certification

- 2019.12 Registered as YES Heating Technix Co., Ltd. Subdiary / CEO Go Tae-yeol took office

- 2020.03.02 changed company name to YHT


YHT is opening the door wide for creative, challenging, and innovative talents.

Recruitment plan

Regular Recruitment - Open recruitment once or twice a year (Announcement on a separate website)
Occasional Recruitment - It adopts a flexible recruitment method in the form of occasional recruitment throughout the year for each business unit.


After the notification of acceptance is completed, the company may request a prescribed document (career certificate, withholding department, report card, etc.), and if the contents of the job application are found to be false, the acceptance and admission may be canceled.

Job application form

You can download the attached form, fill it out, and send it by e-mail.   [Download]

Client company

More than 50 companies around the world are with YHT.
As a global heating jacket company, I will answer with strong technology.


YES Heating Technix Co.,Ltd


3F, 27, Masan 12-ro, Jinwi-myeon, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, 17716, Rep. of KOREA

Tel. 031-667-8914
Email. yht@yh-technix.co.kr
Fax. 031-665-8914

Business hours. 08:30 am ~ 18:00 pm


In order to comply with ethical management, we operate a reporting channel for reporting unfair acts (abuse of power, sexual harassment, workplace harassment). (Anonymity is guaranteed, and there is no disadvantage.)


It depends on the customer's usage environment, material to be heated, shape, and electric capacity of HEATER. If you tell us the conditions of use of the product when you request the production, we will design and manufacture the product that fits the temperature range.
Currently, even 100V to 440V products can be manufactured. We decide after consultation.
HEATER's heating line life varies greatly depending on the temperature used, environment used, and control method. I can't tell you uniformly.
When HEATER is used overlapped, the temperature of the overlapped part rises more rapidly than other parts, causing failure and fire due to product carbonization and heating wire disconnection. Please use it so that it doesn't overlap.
Basically, products are custom-made, so the entire sales product is not ready. There are products and materials that can be shown for consultation when requesting a product, but the production of SAMPLE for TEST at the request of the customer will be conducted after consultation.